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The City of Port Colborne's Economic Development and Tourism  is committed to providing the most accurate and up-to-date information to clients for their decision-making needs. Below is a selection of the most commonly requested information regarding doing business in Port Colborne presented through a series of links to pages on the City's website. A variety of demographics and statistics can be viewed by clicking here. Information about the key sectors in Port Colborne's economy, and general information about the community can be found on out Fact Sheets, which can be viewed by clicking here.

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The City of Port Colborne is a small, urban municipality located within the Regional Municipality of Niagara. As part of a region of over 430,000 people, Port Colborne has the charm of smaller communities, but the strategic advantages of a large city. 

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Labour Force Profile

The City of Port Colborne has a highly developed pool of over 9,000 skilled workers in all industry sectors, many of whom have specialized knowledge and skills in manufacturing processes. Within 45 minutes driving time of Port Colborne is a labour force of over 200,000 people across the Niagara Region.

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The City of Port Colborne offers incentives to investors and building owners through the form of Community Improvement Plans (CIP). The City currently offers CIPs for commercial, industrial, and residential revitalization. 

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Other Incentive Programs

The City of Port Colborne's Economic Development, Tourism & Marketing department is able to work with businesses and investors to leverage industry specific grants, loans, and funding opportunities from the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario. Contact economic development staff to determine if there is an incentive program for your project or investment, and for assistance in completing applications.


Property Taxes

The City of Port Colborne collects property taxes on behalf of the City, the Regional Municipality of Niagara, and also collects the Provincial Education Tax. Taxes are determined by multiplying the specified rate by the assessed value of the property. Assessed property values in Ontario are set by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation.

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Development Charges

The City of Port Colborne's development charges are among the lowest Southern Ontario. Charges are assessed by both the City of Port Colborne and Regional Municipality of Niagara.

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Transportation and Logistics

Comprising of water, rail, road, and air, Port Colborne's multi-modal transportation network allows for the efficient processing of bulk materials and distribution of finished products. With an established supply-chain and skilled workforce, Port Colborne has the transportation solutions needed to connect companies to markets around the world. 

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Small Business Services

Port Colborne is served by three organizations that provide small business services and financing to entrepreneurs. The City can also provide assistance with establishing your small business.

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Medical and Emergency Services

Police, Fire and Ambulance services are all represented in Port Colborne including a detachment of the Niagara Regional Police Service, an ambulance depot that is part of the Niagara Regional Emergency Medical Services, and a modern fire and emergency service operated by Port Colborne Fire & Emergency Services. The Port Colborne Hospital is part of the Niagara Health System, and is home to a 24-hour Urgent Care Centre with an ambulance service.

Port Colborne has an active medical community and our family physicians are involved in a wide range of clinical activities including office practices, emergency medicine, GP, anaesthesia, office procedures, counselling, addictions/methadone clinic, eating disorders treatment and birth control clinics. Many of our physicians have been active in teaching medical students, clinical clerks and residents for years, including appointments to the faculty of medicine at McMaster University.

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Education and Training

Port Colborne is home to eight primary schools and two secondary schools. Located close to Port Colborne are several renowned post-secondary institutions. Between area high-schools and local colleges and universities, many opportunities for training and advancement exist for Port Colborne residents and businesses.

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Arts, Culture, and Recreation

Community programs and events ensure that there are always a number of activities to participate in, from arts and culture to theatre to recreation activities to large festivals. As such, a strong sense of community connects the residents of Port Colborne.

The Roselawn Centre for the Arts in Port Colborne is home to many musical and theatrical events and public functions throughout the year, including the popular Canadian Authors Series and Food and Wine nights.

The Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum & Heritage Village features a century of heritage buildings, historic gardens, pathways, covered pavilion, and a tea room. The 1861 Georgian-Revival style Williams Home serves as the main exhibit gallery, interpreting the history of Port Colborne and the Welland Canal through a variety of ever-changing exhibits.

There are several private galleries, studios, and artist collectives in the Port Colborne area as well. These form part of the South Niagara's Arts & Culture Route, which is centred in Port Colborne.

The City of Port Colborne maintains a wide variety of parks, several public beaches, a large marina, and dozens of kilometres of paved recreational trails. The new Vale Health and Wellness Centre opened in  2012, complete with two arenas, an indoor walking track, and a YMCA branch including fitness centre and two pools. Three 18-hole golf courses are within the immediate vicinity of Port Colborne, along with many conservation areas for relaxation and hiking.

Port Colborne hosts the annual Canal Days Festival, which celebrates Port Colborne's marine heritage with tall-ship visits and programming around the Welland Canal, which runs through the heart of our city. This multi day festival also brings a wide variety of vendors and entertainers to town, drawing several hundred thousand visitors over the course of the August long-weekend.


Economic Development Strategy

The City of Port Colborne  comprehensive economic development strategy was formally adopted and approved by City Council in 2018. The new strategy identifies five priority areas for the City to focus its economic development efforts and includes action plans to help guide the community through the coming years.

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