L.R Wilson Heritage Research Archives Rates & Fees

Research Fees:

The following schedule applies to research conducted by Staff and/or Volunteers for others:

Commercial Use

$60.00 per hour (pro-rated)

Personal Use

$10.00 per hour (pro-rated)

Student Use By Donation

Unassisted Use

By donation


Retrieval Fees:

Artifact/Archive:  Appointment Required -  $20.00 per artifact/archive

Photograph:       Appointment Required  - $20.00 per photograph


Photo Reproduction Fees:

*Copyright restrictions apply and a Reproduction Agreement must be signed.*

Commercial Use:  $50.00 per image plus shipping.

Personal Use: $30.00 per image plus shipping.

Publication Use (Print/ Digital): $100.00 per image.  



*Copyright restrictions apply. Retrieval fees may also apply.*

Black & White:  25 cents per 8x10 copy pape

50 cents per page for larger or quality paper.

Colour Copy: $2.00 per image.


For more information on hall rentals please visit the Museum Archive page