Ward 3

Councillor - Gary Bruno

Councillor - Frank Danch


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Councillor Gary Bruno

Gary Bruno 


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Mailing Address:
204-119 Neff Street
Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada L3K 6C9

Tel:  289 687 7275
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Councillor Frank Danch

Frank Danch

Thank you to the residents of Ward 3 for electing me to a 3rd term of council.

Being on council and being able to have a decision in our city’s decisions has been rewarding.

A few changes in my family life since becoming a Councillor. My daughter has been married for over 5 years and brought us our first grandson, Darren Timothy.

Now being 18 months old, the return to having a young person in our lives is quite satisfying.

I may be a Ward 3 Councillor, but I am willing to help any member of our community regardless of the area they live in.

I operate Frank's Home Building Centre on Main Street West - best place to find me is here and I can be reached at 905-834-4913.

If I am not there, leave a message with my able staff and I will get back to you.



Contact Councillor Frank Danch


Mailing Address:

73 Neff Street

Port Colborne, Ontario L3K 3T2

Tel: 905-834-4913

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